Meeting and mentoring brilliant young minds has always been an objective for Adrienne J Media. Such was the case, as Havilah Driver, member of Youth Entrepreneurs of Georgia (YEGeorgia), walked into the conference room of the WEI offices. Havilah, recommended by a staff member of YE Georgia, jumped at the chance to spend quality one on one time with our founder, Adrienne Brown. She spent the afternoon learning about Adrienne’s journey to entrepreneurship and business operation.


Havilah, a young entrepreneur looking to build a social media and branding company, sought out our founder for advice on navigating the digital media landscape. In preparation for an upcoming pitch competition, her goal was to better understand how to approach business and incorporate work flows and revenue stream into the overarching business model.  Adrienne gave her insights not only about social media and the digital world but also life lessons on entrepreneurship.

Havilah shared these key takeaways from their session:

  1. Knowing your worth:
    “Realize the value you bring to the table as an entrepreneur and business person. Your value plays a key role in your price point when offering your services.”
  2. Business Acumen:
    “Learning about the financial part of the business is every bit as important as the creativity. Learn everything you can about cash flows, budgets, monthly goals, profit margins and return on investments, to mention a few.”
  3. Find your niche:
    “Find your unique selling proposition, use it to build your brand. This is also a great lead generator when curating and creating content that translating this into revenue.”

WHO IS YE Georgia?

Youth Entrepreneurs of Georgia an “organization that empowers students through education exposing them to practical business knowledge. The program focuses on elevating expectations, and sharpening their skills to create futures they envision for themselves and their communities.” Started in 2006, YE Georgia serves 250 students annually at multiple schools across Atlanta. In addition, they have recruited more than 50 YE Georgia-dedicated teachers, who are now trained and certified as entrepreneurship educators.