How long is this REALLY going to take?

This is one of the most popular questions we receive from small business owners. After all, social media has become a necessary business practice. With that in mind, the thought that more in more, in terms of followers, has also been widely adopted. Believe it or not, there is no concrete answer to this question. The response is actually rooted in your approach. Here’s how we define the steps you take to grow your social media following:

Organic Approach: Consistently posting authentic and compelling content while strategically engaging with your followers and fans.

Paid Approach: Allocating a budget toward a campaign to boost your posts and/or profile to a specific audience.

Through the wonderful world of advertising, a paid approach most often yields faster results, which is often a larger audience in a shorter amount of time. However, strategic organic methods can be just as effective.

The answer to the question, while not so direct, is this; select your approach, monitor your performance and be consistent. Timing aside, it is more beneficial for businesses to build an engaged audience. Quality over quantity always wins.