Interested in using a Social Media campaigns to take your business to the next level?
Follow the yellow brick road!

If you’re crafting a path to campaign a success, insights and industry trends can brighten the way. Follow our yellow brick road to learn more about why social media campaigns are important and how to boost engagement.



  • Social media campaigns have proven themselves to be up to 60% more effective than traditional advertising campaigns. 
  • 40% of all campaigns traffic now comes from mobile devices: making your campaign your campaign mobile-friendly is essential. 
  • 1 McKinsey Global Institute, “The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity social technologies”, July 2012, pg 65.



  • Depending on the tone of your brand and the mindset of  your media customer, you’ll want to design different campaigns.
  • Social media campaigns need to connect with their target audiences to inspire them.
  • Time is of the essence! We recommend a 6-week minimum for an organization’s first campaign. Besides, you can always have campaigns running back to back.
  • As much as social media success is about consistency, it is also about dazzling content. What you post is equally as important as how much you post. 
  • Most of all your fans want to feel as though you care about them – frequent campaigns help them remember that you do.

In addition to these golden bricks of Social Media campaign knowledge, you can boost engagement by responding to users. Effectively use your social media profiles to show how proud you are of your fans. Engaging with them is far more important than efficiency.