Does your brand fear Snapchat? If it does, that’s understandable. Most brands are unsure of how this social media platform fits into their current marketing plan.

Snapchat, still in its early-stages, is widely recognized as the hottest social media platform on the market. The app has over 150 million active daily users and,  in 2016, its daily video views reached 7 billion. According to AwesomenessTV CEO Brian Robbins, “Any kind of communication is content on Snapchat.” That could be a short clip of film with audio, or just a still.

How to overcome your fear of Snapchat:

  • Research –  Dig into user demographics. Determine if those demographics meet your target audience. It is important to know how you can effectively use the platform to benefit your brand. For example, brands have used this social media platform to offer promotional codes, launch products, and execute influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Test out the app – The quickest way to ease your brand’s fears is to test it out; get to know the functions and features. This will allow you to figure out if this is the right fit.  Forbes  suggests you “create a test account – as yourself. Don’t try to advertise anything. Don’t tell anyone who you work for. Just wade in, start following people and watch what they do.”

Give Snapchat a chance, you never know what you will discover about the app that could benefit your brand.