As the saying goes, content is King; and so it shall remain in 2017. Dated Search Engine Optimization methods (SEO), are no longer enough to catapult your business to the first page of Google. While SEO is still relevant, it has changed. In this fast paced technology driven era, SEO should be coupled with creative content.

We’ve compiled three content marketing trends you should add to your digital arsenal in 2017.

  • Live videos & streaming

    In a noisy digital world, grasping your audience’s attention can be challenging. Video has proven to be more engaging, and memorable, than a simple post with text or imagery. Live videos can almost immediately connect you to your audience. Take a hint from social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram who have all made live video a main point in their offering.

  • Influencer Marketing – Content Creation

    According to a recent article by Entrepreneur, influencers give brands the opportunity to create word-of-mouth buzz. They have an established follower base that admire and look to them for advice. To increase awareness, leverage influencers by creating custom content they share with their audience.

  • Personalization in Content Marketing

    Don’t be fooled, consumers know “marketing come-ons” when they see them. To truly engage your audience, content must be relevant and personal. Know what your customer is looking for and deliver it in a way that is authentic to your brand and meets their needs.

Take a stab at applying these three trends to your content  marketing strategy. Not only will they help increase your brand’s social  followers,  they will also boost engagement with your audience.