During our recent Facebook Live, we answered the following question: HOW DO I REACH HOLIDAY SHOPPERS ONLINE?

Before we tackle this question, let’s define the four types of shoppers that exist during the holiday season.

 Evergreen Shoppers
People who shop throughout the holiday season.

Early Bird Shoppers
People who shop early in or prior to the holiday season.

Deal Seekers
People who perform the majority of their holiday shopping on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday.

Last-Minute Shoppers
People who jump on the back-end of the shopping season and wait until the last minute to shop.

Each type of shopper possesses their own characteristics. However, we’ve found some similarities…

  • 49% – 55% of shoppers in each category purchases are made via mobile device
  • 53% – 72% of shoppers in each category use a mobile device to shop or browse. Deal Seekers hit the high mark at 72%

These statistics lead up to one  a compelling thought, and the answer to our Facebook Live question…

Evergreen, deal seeker, last minute or early bird, all of these shoppers have one thing in common. Their mobile devices.

As a marketer, your best bet to reach any online shopper this holiday season is via mobile. How do you accomplish this? 

  1. Optimize Your Mobile Experience – Be it your website, e-commerce experience or blog; wherever you promote and sell your product online should be mobile friendly, allowing for easy viewability and purchases.
  2. Invest in Mobile Advertising – There are several advertising options that will help put your brand in front of holiday shoppers. Based on your budget, and ideal customer behavior, investing in Google Adwords, and/or social media ads across Facebook or Instagram could help boost visibility and sales.


While Mobile is a staple for holiday shoppers, it’s also important to remember that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a game changer.

  • 78% – 89% of shoppers in each category use a search engine for shopping. 

Ensuring that your product listing, and overall online experience, is optimized for searches can introduce new holiday shoppers to your brand and convert them to new customers. 


Source: Understanding the 4 Types of Holiday Shoppers for Local Business, Online Ownership, Nov. 2018