The Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI) conference room was buzzing with excitement this morning.  The dazzling white-walled room welcomed the young ladies from Girls Inc.  These young minds received a behind-the-scenes look into the life of an entrepreneur and the importance of perseverance. Sharing nuggets of wisdom with young minds has become a skill for Adrienne Brown, Founder of Adrienne J Media. Furthermore, her story as an entrepreneur come to life as the future business owners listened intently.

Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta visits Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative


Adrienne Brown answered questions on the services AJM offers its clients. She explained in detailed AJM offerings such as, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Digital Project Management. Attendees made mental notes of answers to questions like, “who is the biggest celebrity you’ve worked with” to “what should you post on social media.” To end the event, member of Girls, Inc. participated in pitches on brand competitiveness and profit margins. Their presentations that inspire hope of the next generation of entrepreneurs. Because it’s not all work and no play, the ladies finish lunch polishing it off with delicious cupcakes. All too soon, the event comes to an end with the ladies thankful for such a great experience.

Co-Founder of Borrowed by Design and CEO of Women Do Everything with Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta

While Borrowed by Design hosted this event as a participant of WEI, the lineup of speakers was impressive. One after the other, they shared their stories of triumph. Most noteworthy, is the motivating talk from Jan Prisby Bryson, President of BenchMark Management, LLC and co-founder for WICERS. Additionally, Tonya Hicks from Women Do Everything, and Dawn Belisle from Delights by Dawn, thriving entrepreneurs speak their truths. Rallying these girls to pursue their dreams, was the call for the day!

Jan Prisby Bryson, President of BenchMark Management, LLC with Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta

Started in 1976, Girls Inc. was known as The Cobb Marietta Girls Club. While supporting its program with volunteers, they moved into a new facility with Girls Club of America. Not long after, they officially changed their name, branding it more like a business. As a result, Girls Inc. grew into the organization it is known for today. Especially relevant is their mission to inspire girls to be strong. Advancing Girls Inc.’s mission, “Inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold”, AJM will continue giving back to other upcoming entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who will indeed become future strong, smart and bold business owners.